Education Pack

Exhibition in a Box connects people with an authentic experience of World War One through the lens of ‘silence’.

We want your learners to be inspired by the excitement of receiving a special box, of opening it up to reveal authentic artefacts, some of which are over 100 years old. Handling those objects helps us to understand lives lived by a previous generation – and how their experiences touch our lives today.

There are 18 boxes available, each with an individual theme

Each box has a bespoke education pack with:

1. List of contents

2. Key information to tell you more about the historical context

3. Questions that can be asked when opening and using the box

4. Suggestions for combinations of boxes

5. Suggestions for activities

6. Advice on how to care for and return the box


Use of the boxes is free. You will be charged for delivery but have the option of collecting and returning the boxes yourself. Head4Arts is based in Llanhilleth, Blaenau Gwent. 


Download the educational support materials by clicking on the images below: